When seeing the notice

„Not available for registration“

in Whois database of Eurid the domain is already registered for another party / company.

In general most of the generic terms and short letter combinations are already registered because of their economic importance. It does not mean that it is not possible buying this domain. A high number of high quality domains can be bought from their owners, as they are for sale.

General information about .eu domains:

The start of the .eu domains in the year 2005 was the beginning of the creation of a leading TLD (Top Level Domain). The .eu domain is open for all companies, institutions and private persons, having the local presence within the European Union, Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein.

There are more than 3,5 Millions .eu domains registered currently (January 2016). Common generic terms and short letter combinations have been so highly requested that they have been registered immediately after the general release of the .eu domain done by Eurid. There was a special so called sunrise phase to ensure protecting rights for trademark holders and there have been many domains requested more than once.

In the meantime the development of the .eu domains has become a great success and they can be seen to be one of the most famous TLD – especially (but not only) for business use – and as a counterpart to the .com domain.

What can I do, if the domain I am interested in is already registered?

In case the domain owner signalizes that the domain is for sale, we recommend to contact them and make them a concrete offer for buying the domain.

Frankcom EU-Service can support you during the whole process – from the first contact until the final owner transfer. Frankcom EU Service acts as a person in the middle and service assistant between the domain owner and the interested party.

Click on Domain request to place your interest in a concrete domain name.

Frankcom issues the invoice and a domain sales contract (if needed) also, after an agreement on the purchase price is made. After the payment Frankcom makes sure that the domain transfer to the new owner works smoothly with the necessary AUTH code and free technical assistance if needed.